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The title is probably a bit unclear, i'll try to explain the question with an example.

At http://imgur.com there is an upload button for uploading images. When it is clicked, the url does not change. Instead, a pop-up appears, and it is triggered from javascript. Now, what if I wanted to give a link for the webpage that automatically opens the pop-up on default, without having the user click the upload button.

This is a bit tricky because the url for the homepage/upload page is the exact same, but one of them is a pop-up.

Thanks for the help!

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If what you're asking for was possible, I'd be able to construct a link that does this: http://yourbank.com/[some code that listens for your username and password and sends it to me so that I may steal all of your money], thankfully it's impossible. –  zzzzBov Nov 12 '12 at 22:03

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In general, it is not possible to invoke a script on another website, and for good reason. Do some research into "cross site scripting" for an in depth explanation.

There is however, an Imgur API available to you if you want to hook into the website's functionality.

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Didn't click that the target wasn't under your control sorry, this answer is irrelevant for your specific question, but I'll leave it incase it it helpful to someone who also mis-interprets your question and arrives via search.

Original Answer:

You can use the hash portion of the URL to trigger the popup:

if (window.location.hash == '#new') {
    window.location.hash = '';


We use this to trigger the create dialog when you go to 'http://mysite.com/item/#new'

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