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I have a simple problem. I have to serialize an xml document with xerces. Now everything is fine, except the order of attributes within an element.

This would be the expected output

<Program name="Test" version="1.0" language="Java" />

but I get this

<Program language="Java" name="Test" version="1.0" />

Here is the code which produces the output above.

DOMElement* ProgramInfo::toXmlElement(DOMDocument* doc) const {
    DOMElement* progElement = doc->createElement(DPDX::TAG_PROGRAM);

    XMLCh* _name = XMLString::transcode(name.c_str());
    XMLCh* _version = XMLString::transcode(version.c_str());
    XMLCh* _language = XMLString::transcode(util::toString(language).c_str());

    progElement->setAttribute(DPDX::ATTRIBUTE_NAME, _name);
    progElement->setAttribute(DPDX::ATTRIBUTE_VERSION, _version);
    progElement->setAttribute(DPDX::ATTRIBUTE_LANGUAGE, _language);

    return progElement;
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The output is correct. In XML the order of attributes is not significant. An XML library can write them out in any order it likes. Why do you need them in a specific order? – john Nov 12 '12 at 23:11
Actually it is not so important, just for readability. I know that order of attributes is not significant, but in the case of other tags it's hard to read a little bit. E.g this one <Source URI="" col="5" endCol="20" endLine="5" id="S2" line="5"/> This shows source code informations and it'd be good if the order was line, col, endline, endcol. – Retek Nov 13 '12 at 16:02

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