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As everybody knows, piracy becomes a very serious issue on Android. Does Mono for Android provide code obfuscation when compiling to native code?

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Mono for Android does not provide this functionality, however you can still use a third-party tool for obfuscation. As Mono for Android produces CIL assemblies that are JITed by the Mono runtime on the Android device you need to obfuscate these .NET assemblies. Therefore tools like the Android obfuscator Proguard will not help you. The below .NET obfuscators have been reported to work with Mono for Android.

If you use Xenocode Postbuild then make sure you disable "metadata reduction" so that Class names remain valid in Java.


Xamarin.Android allows you to package APK files without the need for the compiled .NET DLLs. This means you do not need to apply obfuscation from a .NET point of view. I can extract my release APK file and find that only the classes.dex file and the .so library files are included.

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Thanks. I have found few other sources also suggest to use Xenocode Postbuild. I will go and try it. –  Ramon Chan Nov 13 '12 at 0:51
If you found my answer to be sufficient please don't hesitate to mark it as your accepted answer. –  alexw Nov 13 '12 at 1:06

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