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This is making me a little crazy. I'm trying to register some NSUserDefaults in my MonoTouch app.

var defaultsToRegister = new NSMutableDictionary();
defaultsToRegister.SetValueForKey(true, IS_REMINDING);

Obviously this isn't compiling because a bool cannot be converted to NSObject. But when I want to set or retrieve a boolean value from NSUserDefaults I can use:

public bool IsReminding {
    get {
        return NSUserDefaults.StandardUserDefaults.BoolForKey(IS_REMINDING);

    set {
        NSUserDefaults.StandardUserDefaults.SetBool(value, IS_REMINDING);

In the settings plist file the boolean is written as <key>ReminderTimeOfDay</key><true/> which is what I would expect. So how to register a default boolean value?

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That's how I do it:

using (var defaults = NSDictionary.FromObjectsAndKeys (new object[] {
    }, new object [] {
    })) {

    settings.RegisterDefaults (defaults);

Of course I have more than one key/value pair and this allows me to avoid several calls to a NSMutableDictionary.

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That's exactly what I'm looking for thanks. – David Clarke Nov 13 '12 at 0:04

The following worked for me:

 bool someValue;
 NSObject objValue = NSObject.FromObject(someValue);
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Thanks I'll give that a go. – David Clarke Apr 2 '13 at 23:38

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