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I would like to retrive programmatically the source code of the ABAP programs generated using BW.

I would have an ABAP program that can retrieve BADIs source using their name as parameter and then save on local disk the source saving each BADI in a file with the name of the program.

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What would be the practical application of this? –  mydoghasworms Nov 13 '12 at 7:15
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If you know the name of an implementation, you have to lookup the name of the implementing class. Depending on the BAdI type (classic or fast kernel), you'll have to use different routines to read the class name (try function module SXO_IMPL_FOR_BADI_READ and read the coding of class CL_ENH_BADI_RUNTIME_FUNCTIONS method GET_BADI_SHORTTEXT to get an idea of how to work with the various BAdI types). Then, take a look at the function modules named SEO* - you'll find all the stuff you need to read the structure of a class, its superclasses and its methods (just exporting the source code is not enough, right?).

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