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Using meteor, I'd like to be able to augment a user record after they've logged in (authenticated) with an external service to get their authorization claims.

Update I am using the {{loginButtons}} handlebars helper widget.

Currently, I see an Accounts.validateNewUser and an Accounts.onCreateUser that can be hooked into during the creation of a new user. These would be helpful initially, but my need is recurrent.

I understand that there is the allow function that hangs off the Meteor.Collection as a means of authorizing a user's access to the collection -- which is precisely where I would use the claims that I intend to augment the user with to determine authorization.

Does anyone know of a hook during the login process that would allow me to do this?

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The easiest way to get around the lack of a callback is to use the relevant reactive variable:

Tracker.autorun(function() {
  if (Meteor.userId()) {
    // do something when they've just logged in.

The context setup by autorun will only re-run when the value of Meteor.userId() changes -- i.e. when they login.

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Now that would be Deps.autorun(function... –  Emmanuel Joubaud Aug 12 '13 at 21:40
now Tracker.autorun(function... –  Plattsy Nov 9 '14 at 1:43
This doesn't work. I'm getting Meteor.userId() should only be called in a Method. –  Overload119 Nov 23 '14 at 16:17

Starting with Meteor 0.7.2 version, there's a server side hook available : Accounts.onLogin()

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From the Meteor docs on login with password there appears to be a callback already in place for what you need to do:

Meteor.loginWithPassword(user, password, [callback])

callback Function Optional callback. Called with no arguments on success, or with a single Error argument on failure.

The login callback is supported for both Meteor and external authentication services.

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@Makita, thank you for the answer. I did see that callback param but what I failed to mention in my question was that I had no low-level hook to it because I am using the {{loginButtons}} handlebar helper to inject the user management widget (which is way awesome).

The problem with this approach was that I did not have access to a callback after authentication happened, so I created this pull request which I hope will be merged to solve the issue:


With this, you should be able to call:

    onSuccess: function (err) {
        //perform addl authorization on Meteor.user() here
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For people coming to this in 2014, You can use the onLogin callback server side

Accounts.onLogin((obj)-> user = ob.user )

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For the accepted answer, there was an issue on page reload that messed up that solution. I ended up doing something like this (Its using angular meteor but you should get the gist, just substitute autorun for Tracker)

$meteor.autorun($rootScope, function(){
    var id = Meteor.userId();
    if(id == undefined || id == null){
        id = '';
    if($localstorage.get('user_id','') != id){
            //On login
            $state.go('profile',{user_id: Meteor.userId()});
            //On logout

I only recommend this solution for development, when I stop using the default accounts-ui I'm going to have to implement the lower level functions and there will be no need for this.

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