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The situation is : I want to export table to XML file locally on DB1, and then import this xml on remote database DB2. I already have the procedure to do export and import, but how to send the data to the remote server?

I want to write a batch file to do export locally first , it can generate an xml file or return a clob string. then import the data into remote database server.

How could I do that ?

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both databases are Oracle? if so why aren't you just using the supplied exp/imp (or datapump) to do this? –  DazzaL Nov 12 '12 at 23:35
@DazzaL Yes, Both are Oracle. But the data in xml file are not direct from tables, it has been filtered and nested. –  Frank Nov 12 '12 at 23:48

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Based on this discussion on AskTom, it seems you can't fetch a CLOB over a Database Link.

However, there are many LOB operations that work over a DBLink. You can SELECT a LOB over a database link for instance.

In your case, you could create a Global Temporary Table in DB1 that would contain your CLOB and import this clob directly in DB2.

In DB1 you would have:

  • A temporary table GTT (temp_data XMLFile) -- or CLOB
  • A procedure that proc extracts/filters your XMLFile and inserts into the temporary table GTT

In DB2:

  • A database Link DBL1 to DB1
  • You would call proc@DBL1,
  • then INSERT INTO dest_table (dest_col) (SELECT temp_data FROM gtt@DBL1)
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