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I am building an iOS app using Rubymotion. I am constructing the UI with the help of Interfaceb Builder. In the screen that I am working on I got the following elements:

  1. Navbar
  2. Label
  3. TableView

I am populating the tableview via an API call. All works fine but I am not sure I am doing things like I am supposed to do. From what I can understand IB is only used to "draw" the UI instead of coding it, nothing more?

This is my controller code. Again, it works fine but I think I am not following "best practice".

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There are many different ways of figuring out how you want to build your views.

If you are not doing a crazy amount of custom designed UI, then I don't see why I would not use something like @colinta's Teacup.

I would avoid using storyboards to build a UI. Please see the thread here.

On that note, don't hesitate to check out the discussions on the Ruby Motion Google Group if you can't find the answers on SO. The group seems very active.

Also, IRC:, #rubymotion

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