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anybody know a way to just get emailed when new versions of Ruby and Rails are released? They have mailing lists and Ruby on Rails has a twitter, but i dont want all the noise that comes with those, i just want to know when a new releases are made, especially ones with security fixes.

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Get the feed from the rails blog.

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Follow Rails at VersionEye and you will receive an email as soon the next version will be released.

And You can customize your own RSS Feed to get notified about new versions. Currently you can follow more than 220K open source projects.

By the way. I work at VersionEye. Let me know if you have questions ;-)

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You could try this service:

It will send you an email whenever a new version of a particular gem is released.

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would be great, too bad it crashes whenever i try to log in tho... – Mohamed Hafez Nov 13 '12 at 1:22

Your best bet is to subscribe to rubyonrails-security. There's also rubyonrails-talk, but that's much noisier.

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You can use IFTTT with "RSS to E-mail"

I have shared a recipe:

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Gemnasium is a great online tool to monitor your project dependencies. You can sync your Github repos or upload Gemfiles of the projects which dependencies you'd like to monitor.

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