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I am having problems using Kohana3.

Currently on development we use port 444 for https.

If I redirect while I am on



I will be sent to


I google quite a lot and found that Kohana3 was (very) buggy regarding redirects and applied all the fixes, still the error keeps happening.

Also, I tried to hack the code and force always https (as a test), then the problem was that i got redirected to


which does not exists as I run the server on port 444 rather than 443.

So I am pretty much out of ideas, seems that neither the protocol nor the port are properly detected by kohana...

Any ideas?

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You need to set your base_url properly in bootstrap.php. Kohana doesn't "detect" anything.

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what about the port? – Juan Antonio Gomez Moriano Jan 8 '13 at 22:39

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