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I have a set of integers that I would like to change to a US money format.

Here are some examples of what I would like to do. The first number is what is in the database and the second is what I would like the money format to look like.

4500 = $45.00

395 = $3.95

19000 = $190.00

I'm really just unsure what function I should be using to make this sort of conversion.

Thank you for the help

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You could use number_format()

number_format((4500/100), 2);

There's also money_format(), but it's slightly more complicated.

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Take a look at money_format, which formats a number as a currency string.

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Ironically, money_format results are very hard to re-format. Gives back strings like "USD 45.00" and weird things like that that are hard to simply add a dollar sign to. – Kzqai Dec 2 '13 at 4:46

Have you looked at money_format()? You'll just need to divide your values by 100 before using them w/this function.

Also, you could consider number_format() as well.

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