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Is there a way to validate a given WADL File?

Validating against the XML Schema won't catch all errors, since this will not catch errors like a method parameter with a wrong style or an undefined type.

I also tried the command line tool WADL2java from apache cxf, but this doesn't catch all violations of the wadl specification - and even if it would catch all errors, generating code just for the sake of validation seems unnecessary.

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  1. Navigate to online xml validator with xsd
  2. copy-paste your wadl xml into the "XML Input Option 1" text field
  3. Paste the following url into the "XSD Input Option 2" text field: http://code.w3.org/unicorn/export/1714%3A65ec7ae95911/WebContent/WEB-INF/resources/schemas/wadl.xsd
  4. Click on "VALIDATE XML"
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