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I currently have a page for every employee with the following meta tags as an example

<meta name="cn" content="Angela"/>
<meta name="uid" content="angela"/>
<meta name="title" content="Manager"/>
<meta name="location" content="Room 1"/>
<meta name="telephoneNumber" content="12345" />
<meta name="manager" content="Maxim"/>

What I would like to do however is to have a single page with multiple employees but be able to describe the employees in a similar fashion. How can I achieve this using HTML?

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This depends on the metadata processing system you use, or expect to be used. Most meta tags with name attribute are write-only: you can write them as much you like, and nobody cares.

If you are just planning a metadata system (a definition of metadata structure and processing metadata), then you might consider using microdata and Schema.org vocabularies as defined by some major search engines. This will probably not make Google and friends process your metadata and utilize it in specialized searches (like they now have for places, recipes, books, etc.), but it may have such impact some day. In any case, they have put some effort in designing reasonable, useful formats for metadata.

For example, http://schema.org/Person describes a metadata system for personal information. It is rather verbose in markup, but just tolerably complicated. See also the general description of microdata.

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Thanks Jukka. How does RDFa play a role in HTML metadata? Will it be compliant with search engines? –  PeanutsMonkey Nov 13 '12 at 21:10

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