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I have a shell variable (we shall call x) containing a string with shell meta characters. For example, I might have

abc  "def's"  ghi

as set by

x='abc  "def'\''s"  ghi'

I want to build a shell command from that string (to be stored in a file, not executed). What are my options?

echo "prog $x"     >>file     # Doesn't work
echo "prog '$x'"   >>file     # Doesn't work
echo "prog \"$x\"" >>file     # Doesn't work

The current solution uses sed

y=`echo "$x" | sed 's/\([^a-zA-Z0-9._\-\/]\)/\\\\\1/g'`
echo "prog $y" >>file

The output is as follows (although equivalent output is also acceptable):

prog abc\ \ \"def\'s\"\ \ ghi

The problem is that the number of places this needs to be done is increasing. Does anyone have a better solution?


  • Must work for sh (as opposed to bash) and anything sh might reasonably be aliased to (e.g. bash in sh emulation mode).
  • It must be as portable as possible (Windows excluded).
  • Use of perl is not acceptable, but the use of other unix tools found everywhere might be.
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Perhaps the function here will work? stackoverflow.com/a/12162717/1013153 – jrajav Nov 13 '12 at 1:18
@Kiyura, Thanks, derived a solution from that (see below). Using single quotes looks cleaner, but I want to rock the boat as little as possible since this is for perl's installer. Most of the time, no escaping will be needed at all. – ikegami Nov 13 '12 at 1:35
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sh has functions.

# quote() - Creates a shell literal
# Usage:  echo "...$( quote "..." )..."
quote() {
        case "$1" in
        '') echo "''" ;;
        *)  echo "$1" | sed 's/\([^a-zA-Z0-9._\-\/]\)/\\\1/g' ;;


$ x='abc  "def'\''s"  ghi'

$ echo "$x"
abc  "def's"  ghi

$ echo "prog `quote "$x"`"
prog abc\ \ \"def\'s\"\ \ ghi

$ echo "prog $( quote "`pwd`" )"
prog /home/ikegami/foo\ bar
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