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I'm looking forward for a nice pattern to create objects that are bound to a database. I'm going to illustrate my thoughts with a simple example: the creation of a user.

First: Factory method to Create/Load a user. User configuration is done in the new created instance.

$user = User::Create($db); // Flag the instance to create an user when save() is called
$user->save(); // Will insert a new user into the database.

$user = User::Load($db, id); // Load an user from the database. Flag object to update.
$user->setUsername('...'); // Change username.
$user->save(); // Update existing object instead of inserting a new one.

Second: Factory method to create immediatly a new user.

User::Create($db, $username, $password, ...); // Create and insert a new user.
$user = User::Load($db, 1);
$user->setUsername("..."); // Change username.
$user->save(); // Save only updates a user, no flag needed because an user is entirelly created by User::Create().

Third: Using a factory class with static factory methods.

Factory::newUser($db, $username, $password, ...); // May contain many other types of objects.

And i can do always something like this:

$factory = new Factory($db);
$user = $factory->newUser($username, $password, ...);

Another thing is, should i create a singleton that provides an handle to a database that will be used on the application to create objects (without hardcoding the handle inside objects) ?


class DB {
    public static function handle() { /* Do a lazy connection to a database once. */ }

$user = User::Create(DB::handle(), ...);

So, my real question is, what's the best pattern? I know that this might be too relative, but i need some hints, and of course, i want to leave the dependencies outside, not hardcoded inside objects.

Thanks in advance.

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If your problem comes from "model layer" you should look for database patterns, such as:

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Yea this is great, but i need something simpler because this is for an assignment at school (actually the first in php) and i'm looking for simple, yet consistent way of creating objects connected to a database. Thanks for your tip. –  user859749 Nov 13 '12 at 1:46

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