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I am developing an iphone application which monitors various CoreMotion sensors and Location Services all the time. I want to know what are some of the guidelines that I should follow? Knowing that apple might frown upon such a practice how should I design my app so that it does not get rejected from appstore.

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Read the HIG (Human Interface Guidelines. One of the most important things is to NOT give the user an inconsistent structure and keep application performance at the top of your list of important things. Need to watch out how you instantiate and use those two frameworks. Keep memory usage to a minimum.

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The Human Interface GuideLines is a 'must see' for your design related decisions, along with these,as you are developing an app with core motion sensors, recheck the device dependencies. ensure which devices(iphone,ipod touch)it will support,specially if you are about to use any compass mechanism.

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This Stanford iPhone Developing Class includes most of details of Core Motion basics which may be good for your development. :)

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