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What is best way for including Require.js in Zend Framework? My current way of calling js files in zend framework are as follow :

<?php echo $this->jQuery()->setLocalPath($this->path('js/jquery/jquery-1.7.1.min.js'))

    echo $this->headScript()->appendFile($this->path('js/jquery.tipTip.js'))



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you look at includes like this and it's no wonder most of the pages I visit are slower then pond water, and this one isn't that bad. :( –  RockyFord Nov 13 '12 at 4:48

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In your html file you could add the line in between <head></head> tags.This is best approach

<script src="/path/to/require.js"></script>

or You could go with jquery

var jsScript = $("<script src='/path/to/require.js'></script>");

this will append the js at the bottom of the body

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with require.js you'll only want to add one script file to your head (or just before closing </body>).

Then, it's in the require.js config file and modules that you'll actually define the dependencie of each modules.

In your case, I'll just add the script file manually:

<script src="require.js" data-main="path/to/mainScriptFile"></script>

Or else, in Zend you could do it as so:

    ->appendFile($this->path('js/require.js'), "text/javascript", array('data-main' => 'path/to/mainScriptFile');

But at this point, just enter manually a script tag, it's way less overhead.

Hope this help !

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