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I want to begin to write (and learn) web applications. But the field of possible frameworks, component libraries, IDEs, languages, and flavors is quite overwhelming. I have seen stackoverflow questions such as "What is the best IDE?", or "What is the best framework?"; and I have seen answers like "You should try them to see what you prefer." Trying frameworks, IDEs, or component libraries is a difficult proposition with high learning curves.

So, please allow me to phrase the question differently. In 2012 (lets talk current technologies), how might I categorize or divide the landscape into easier to manage chunks? I cannot find resources that do this. Free or open sourced vs. proprietary. Text editor vs. visual editor. Java vs. Python vs. PHP vs. etc. How else can we break it down?

For instance. I want to develop data-based web applications that work on PCs and tablets using modern browsers, using tools that are free, and not proprietary. I think this takes .NET out of the running, correct? I want a modern look and feel, possibly using HTML5. I'd like to leverage my Java knowledge. I'd like a framework or library that (a) interfaces with a database, and (b) has a repository of reusable components. Knowing these assumptions, what IDEs, frameworks, and/or component libraries fit the need?

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Your best bet for someone starting out is to use a LAMP stack. (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl). Almost all hosting providers are going to have LAMP accounts for you to use. Setups that support Java (Tomcat), Python are available as well but are not as common.

By choosing the LAMP stack, you will be using Open Source Software. PHP is a fairly easy language to learn and lends itself well to database backed websites.

As for Frameworks, they are good and all but if you are just starting out. Learn the language first so you can fix things if you need to. I know I have had to fix a framework in the past and even with my strong php skills it isn't easy.

I know people are going to suggest Python and maybe even java and they are adequate solutions. Really it is upto you as there is no best solution. Though some languages lend themselves to certain tasks better.

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