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I'm looking for a PHP implementation of the Jade template engine used in NodeJS. I've recently tried Jade.php, but it is incomplete as it does not support inheritance or partials. I've also seen PHPNativeJadeRenderer, but it relies on a shell_exec to parse the template file through the npm jade module and I'm not entirely comfortable with using that method.

Does anybody know of a complete PHP OOP port of the Jade Template Engine?

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just as an update:

it seems, this fork: https://github.com/opendena/jade.php has the most recent activity.

A chart of jade.php fork/commit activity on GIT hub.

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I would recommend taking a look at https://github.com/everzet/jade.php which works quite well, though it has not been updated in two years. There's several forks out there that have more recent activity if you are interested in a more active developer.


Hopefully this helps!

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first link returns 404. –  renocor Apr 20 at 3:53
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