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 case GET(Path("/rtb_v1/bidrequest")) => Action {  implicit request =>

I want to take the request object above and get all of the key/value pairs sent in the form post and flatten it into a Map[String,String]

i have gone through all the documents and am at a dead end.

This is pretty freaking easy in Java/Servlets I;m wondering why there is no documentation on a simple thing like this anywhere..

Map<String, String[]> parameters = request.getParameterMap();
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Play's equivalent of request.getParamterMap is request.queryString, which returns a Map[String, Seq[String]]. You can flatten it to a Map[String, String] with { case (k,v) => k -> v.mkString }

And here is the documentation.

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works.. i like this code its a little more expressive than flatmap solutions – Ryan Medlin Nov 13 '12 at 23:01
Can you assign now the queryString to another request and how? – Todor Kolev Jun 29 '15 at 13:47

As an alternative to the way that Kim does it, I personally use a function like..

def param(field: String): Option[String] = 
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It won't work if request is using POST method. Following code can be used:

req.body match {
  case AnyContentAsFormUrlEncoded(params) ⇒
    println(s"urlEncoded = $params")
  case mp @ AnyContentAsMultipartFormData(_) ⇒
    println(s"multipart = ${mp.asFormUrlEncoded}")
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You might have to use the following: { case (k,v) => k -> v.mkString }).toSeq: _*
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