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I am trying to set the lock screen on a Windows Phone 8 using the SetImageUri, but I can't get it to work with a non local image. In my case I have images in a separate assembly, and on a remote server (Azure CDN).

I have already added the manifest entry, and gotten the user permission to be a provider from the sample code.

This is what the code looks like the imageUri would be something like this:


The image exits and is a valid file. I tried putting it in a separate images assembly, and still get this error.

                // At this stage, the app is the active lock screen background provider.
                var uri = new Uri(imageUri, UriKind.Absolute);

                // Set the lock screen background image.

Everything I try results in an exception:

    Value does not fall within the expected range.
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Welcome to Stack Overflow! You've only been here four years, so you might not have noticed that tags stand alone. That is, combining windows and phone doesn't mean you're talking about the product known as Windows Phone. Please be sure to select your tags with care. :) – Charles Nov 13 '12 at 5:01
Doesn't mean it makes sense... :) "windows phone" is how I would tag it in almost every other system I work with, so that is more natural to me. – Jason Short Mar 7 '13 at 20:47
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According to this guide you can only use images stored in your Isolated Storage or images packaged with your app:
Lock screen background for Windows Phone 8
Nothing stops you from downloading the image to isolated storage and using the Uri to this image as the lockscreen source.

// At this stage, the app is the active lock screen background provider.// The following code example shows the new URI schema.// ms-appdata points to the root of the local app data folder.// ms-appx points to the Local app install folder, to reference resources bundled in the XAP package.var schema = isAppResource ? "ms-appx:///" : "ms-appdata:///Local/";

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I guess only isolated storage image can be used as locked image

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Also see MSDN doc on SetImageUri; http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windowsphone/develop/windows.phone.system.userprofile.lockscreen.setimageuri(v=vs.105).aspx "An absolute path Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) to the image in isolated storage, or the image install path."

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