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I'm on Slicehost 256 plan running one single Rails app on Ubuntu Hardy 64 bit server.

This is the shot taken using top command sorted by memory% (Shift+M) Memory by top

And this is the screenshot taken while running htop command sorted by memory% used. Memory by htop

The memory consumed by mysql using top shows 3.8% but the htop shows around 17 processes each eating up around 3.2% of memory.

Whats the difference between those stat shown by top and htop??

Is mysql eating up my memory as shown by htop??

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It looks like htop defaults to showing you the threads view. You can get the same effect in top by pressing shift-H. There is one mysql process using 3.2% memory and 17 threads.

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@avaynshtok, thankx for clearing up. –  Millisami Aug 29 '09 at 0:39

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