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my string is for example : 111

i want to remove 1 from my string



what i have tried:

Replace(string, "1", "")

result : Null

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Look at the Count argument to the Replace() function.

Replace("11111", "1", "", , 1)

It allows you to limit the number of replacements.

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Thank you. works. –  Nh123 Nov 13 '12 at 5:15

try this:

Replace(yourstring, "1", "", , 1)
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Replace has a Count parameter, which says how many times to do the string replacement. So what you want is:

Replace(string, "1", "", 1, 1)

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I guess there are several ways to do so.

Two of them are: (Use RIGHT method)

    Dim s As String = "1111"
    Dim newstring1 As String = Strings.Right(s, s.Length - 1)

and: (Use substring method)

    Dim s As String = "1111"
    Dim newstring2 As String = s.Substring(1)

But make sure to check length of string to avoid getting ArgumentException.

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