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In another thread, I encounter this Ruby expression:

str[%r{.*//(.*)}, 1]

What kind of syntax is this? What does the number 1 mean?

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It's a Regex Slice with MatchData

Basically, this indexes a string based on a regular expression, and returns the first match group. For example:

str = 'http://example.com'
str[%r{.*//(.*)}, 1]
# => "example.com"

String#slice has this to say:

If a Regexp is supplied, the matching portion of str is returned. If a numeric or name parameter follows the regular expression, that component of the MatchData is returned instead. If a String is given, that string is returned if it occurs in str. In both cases, nil is returned if there is no match.

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You can see the explanation of regex slice in CodeGnome's answer. Here's something about MatchData: str[%r{.*//(.*)}, 1] is equivalent to str.match(%r{.*//(.*)})[1], and they both work in the same way. The [] version is more clear and shorter.

A MatchData acts as an array and/or hash and may be accessed using the normal indexing techniques.

m = /(.)(.)(\d+)(\d)/.match("THX1138.")  # m is a MatchData
# and m is   #<MatchData "HX1138" 1:"H" 2:"X" 3:"113" 4:"8">    in irb
m[0]   # "HX1138"
m[1]   # "H"
m[1..2]    #["H", "X"]
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