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I have been trying to find decent Image Acquisition + Image Processing solution at a bargain price.

I have looked at names like Kodak, Global360, Iris.

What I found with all these vendors is that they are very, very, very expensive.

I have also found that the SDK API licenses are just as expensive, if not more.

Please see Atalasoft

Is there a decent open source image acquisition and image processing component API out there?

I know that the development and support for the software can be hectic. But is it worth the $$$ to develop ones own solution as to purchase a complete solution.


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For Photo image processing and a WinForms viewer, DotImage Photo from Atalasoft is now free atalasoft.com/photofree. –  Lou Franco Sep 13 '10 at 15:38

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What about OpenCV? (See also the google). From the featureset of what you linked OpenCV can do quite a bit of that, and it is open source.

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