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How would I go about doing a mod_rewrite to redirect to a diffent subdomain ONLY if a specific folder is not specified? For example:

  • test.example.com --> redirect.example.com
  • test.example.com/~user/* -- no redirect
  • test.example.com/dir/ --> redirect.example.com

So far I have

ReWriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} =test.example.com [NC]
ReWriteRule ^ http://redirect.example.com [L,R]

not sure on what condition to use for the user directory

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You could add another ReWriteCond that excludes the specific folder:

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/(~user|/.*)$
ReWriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} test.example.com [NC]
ReWriteRule ^$ http://redirect.example.com [L,R]

And you should remove the '=' in your other ReWriteCond.

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