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I am required to create a new inventory system for a company. Basically, it will allow the company to add its products (with barcodes) and all information of those products, then customer could access and place orders online for those items in inventory.

Of course there will be a shopping cart and a checkout process. Payments could be made via credit cards or on-delivery.

Now to build such a system, backend and frontend, what would you recommend to use? I would like suggestions that include a quick development cycle, nice interfaces, and easy to scale/add features.

I am well versed in Php and Java. Java seems to be a problem though because of hosting that service. I would like to hear your recommendations and your experience.

Thank you

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A quick google search will lead you to this page.

Open source E-commerce Systems

Choose any one and customize it to your need.

Magento is very widely used, thoroughly tested, highly scalable application. Also there are some hosting providers which provides one-click install scripts of Magento.

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Don't re-invent the wheel. There are a million such systems out there. Developing one yourself leads to security holes, bugs, compatibility issues, and it's just plain expensive. I suggest looking into Magento.

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You better use some good well known open source e-commerce framework.

I recommend you to use OpenCart. Its easy, very reliable, well documented and serves both backend and frontend. Please check - for more info. You can check the live demo on the web.

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