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I'm creating a second session beside the one automatically created by the play! framework and I want to change just one field of a specific object. For some reason it won't persist. If I get the Object again in the same session the field is changed but after the request it's back to it's original value.

Here's some code:

Session session = (Session) JPA.em().getDelegate();
    Session s = session.getSessionFactory().openSession();
    s.setFlushMode(FlushMode.ALWAYS); //been playing around with these 
    Transaction t = s.beginTransaction();

    // Get Object
    org.hibernate.Query query = s.createQuery("SELECT c From Course c WHERE c.id=:id").setLong("id", 100);
    List<Course> courses = query.list();
    Course course = courses.get(0);

    course.title = "test";

    // s.save(course);
    // s.update(course); Tried all of them
    // s.persist(course);

    // s.flush();

Help much appreciated.

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