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I am wondering how to instantiate Map < String, TreeMap < Integer, Integer > >, using Java.


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You need to use one of the implementation classes of the Map Interface e.g. HashMap or TreeMap as below:

    Map < String, TreeMap < Integer, Integer > > myMap = 
                          new HashMap< String, TreeMap < Integer, Integer > >();


    Map < String, TreeMap < Integer, Integer > > myMap = 
                          new TreeMap< String, TreeMap < Integer, Integer > >();

To add the values:

    //Instantiate TreeMap element as below  
    TreeMap< Integer, Integer > elemMap = new TreeMap<Integer, Integer>();

    //add elements to tree map
    elemMap.put(1, 100);

    //put the tree map in the map
    myMap.put("firstElem", elemMap);
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