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I mean, it appears to offer control over this -- but (at least as per my personal, fairly exhaustive investigation) it's Potemkin UX:

Invisibles Should Be Seen And Not Heard

... the "Invisibles" color field doesn't actually affect the invisibles (which is that a joke? Like it controls the color of something else which is actually invisible??); the color field that does will not do so without simultaneously lending the tint you ascribe to it to the entirety of the rest of the documents' unhighlighted text.

I'm patient and flexible enough to either deal a text editors' quirks and I am nerdy enough to hack through said quirks when my patience and flexibility are depleted -- I have a haunted museum of 1990s-era elisp snippets and X configuration dotfiles that speak to this -- but I find these dysfunctionally Klein-bottlesque options flummoxing. Can you help me?

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