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I've seen a number of similar topics posted but I wanted to be more specific as I can't determine from the other posts which solution would work best for me.

App details

I would like to create a simple map application showing a town centre (for commercial use. I would like to avoid any map-licensing issues).

I envisage that all of the information would be drawn directly on to a single map image, which would be a png file (I'm not sure how such a large image would look when zoomed out - so if anyone has experience in this and can advise me whether I would need to tile the map and have a series of zoomed images I would appreciate it.)

What I probably don't need

I don't think I require tiling of images (see above), and I don't require pins, popups or route-planning (popups would be nice but not necessary).

What I would like

I would however love it if the user could press a button and zoom in roughly on their current location. Most solutions I've read about sound too overblown for my needs.

Can anyone suggest a good framework or alternative way of approaching this?


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MapKit is very easy to use and covers all of the points up there, except for custom drawing.

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Thank you. Apologies, by "I envisage that all of the information would be drawn directly on to a single map image, which would be a png file" I meant that I want to import a pre-made flat image file - there will be no need for dynamic drawing at runtime. @WolfLink Can I just clarify - you are saying that I would be able to use my own maps within Mapkit? – nwebb Nov 22 '12 at 13:41
You cannot use a custom map instead of the default one, but you can add annotations and overlays. It would probably be a lot easier and more efficient this way than with a large image. If you want to stick with the large image, look at UIWebView. – WolfLink Nov 22 '12 at 18:19
Thanks for clarifying :] Yes, I understand a standard map may be easier but the custom map is key. I will take a look at UIWebView - thanks. – nwebb Nov 23 '12 at 21:44

You can use open street map service (see this link). You can create your custom map by Tile Mill Application. If you need to dynamically add images over map, some more tricks are required.

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