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I have three tables and I am joining these three table on one column field Account_Number. I have another field in these three tables called Month type nvarchar(20), inside that column months names inserted as (January, March , April,...).

I need to get A Year-To-Date value, by selecting a range of months (From January) until the current month (November). I tried to cast that month column to Datetime type. But it didn't work, even I tried to convert the month name to Month number, even that wouldn't help.

Any idea how I can write this query.

Note: I cannot change or play with month column at all.

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select month
    from months
    where CONVERT(datetime,'1-'+month+'-2012') <= GETDATE()
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from the bottom of my heart (thank you) –  m.ghannaj Nov 13 '12 at 9:51

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