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“Warning: Headers already sent” in PHP

I have the PHP code as below:


include ('include/connectdb.php');
 $username = $_POST['text_username'];
 $password = $_POST['text_password'];
     $query = "SELECT * FROM tblusers WHERE `user_username`='".$username."' AND user_password='".$password."'";
$res = mysql_query($query) or die (mysql_error());
    $user = mysql_fetch_assoc($res);
    if($user['user_possition'] == "Admin"){
    else if($user['user_possition'] == "User"){

    else if($user['user_possition'] == "R1"){
    else if($user['user_possition'] == "R2"){
    else {
    echo '<tr><td colspan="2"><center><b style="color:red;">Invalide username or password, please check again!</b></center></td></tr>';             


When I upload this code into the server for hosting , and I fill the information and click on the button submit I got the error message Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/0/d315362104/htdocs/demo/sgepp/index.php:7) in /homepages/0/d315362104/htdocs/demo/sgepp/index.php on line 51 but if I run it in local it works well.I do not know how to fix it.Anyone know help me please, Thanks.

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Try this at the top of your php code:

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Use these functions in your code. At the top of the page write ob_start() and wherever your use header function in your code write this function before header. ob_flush()

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Save the file without BOM in charset UTF-8

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Thanks you all so much for answers my question,now I fixed it by using Javascript instead of PHP code as below:

Replace this


by this one

echo '<script type="text/javascript">window.location = "view_form_res1.php"</script>';

It works!

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