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Wanted to convert



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Are you looking for a PHP program that will input an HTML file and reduce the BR tags? It's not entirely clear from your question. – devinmoore Sep 25 '08 at 14:13
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You can do this with a regular expression:

preg_replace("/(<br\s*\/?>\s*)+/", "<br/>", $input);

This if you pass in your source HTML, this will return a string with a single <br/> replacing every run of them.

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Does it ignore whitespace between the <br/>? – Sam Sep 25 '08 at 14:21
this allows for any whitespace chars (space, tab, newline) between <br/> – enobrev Sep 25 '08 at 14:25
@Sam: the \s means 'any whitespace character'. – user7116 Sep 25 '08 at 14:28
@levik: you should change it to /(<br\s*\/?>\s*)+/ for a more robust/general matching of HTML/SGML/XHTML br's. – user7116 Sep 25 '08 at 14:29
Done. Thanks for the advice. – levik Sep 25 '08 at 14:33

Mine is almost exactly the same as levik's (+1), just accounting for some different br formatting:

preg_replace('/(<br[^>]*>\s*){2,}/', '<br/>', $sInput);
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Slightly better than levik's, and should even be faster. – Konrad Rudolph Sep 25 '08 at 14:29

Enhanced readability, shorter, produces correct output regardless of attributes:

preg_replace('{(<br[^>]*>\s*)+}', '<br/>', $input);
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Thanks all.. Used Jakemcgraw's (+1) version

Just added the case insensative option..


Great tool to test those Regular expressions is:


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Here's another tool for testing regular expressions: gskinner.com/RegExr – Emanuil Rusev Feb 20 '10 at 16:37

without preg_replace, but works only in PHP 5.0.0+

$a = '<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />';
while(($a = str_ireplace('<br /><br />', '<br />', $a, $count)) && $count > 0)
// $a becomes '<br />'
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+1: Regex seems better but this is a different approach. – JCasso Dec 4 '09 at 10:21

Use a regular expression to match <br/> one or more times, then use preg_replace (or similar) to replace with <br/> such as levik's reply.

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You probably want to use a Regular Expression. I haven't tested the following, but I believe it's right.

$text = preg_replace( "/(<br\s?\/?>)+/i","<br />", $text );
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A fast, non regular-expression approach:

while(strstr($input, "<br/><br/>"))
    $input = str_replace("<br/><br/>", "<br/>", $input);
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User may enter many variants

< br />
<br >
<BR>< br>

...and more.

So I think it will be better next

$str = preg_replace('/(<[^>]*?br[^>]*?>\s*){2,}/i', '<br>', $str);
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