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I viewed the list of basic info permissions:


And at the extended there is this permission:


part of the description of this permissions I see this:

"All user's friends are provided as part of basic data..."

So my question is: Is the users friends list part of the basic info permissions?

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So my question is: Is the users friends list is or is not part of the basic info permissions?

A list of the user’s friends is part of basic permissions – and you can read them via /userid/friends

But “Friendlists” are something different – /userid/friendlists gives you the lists that the user’s friends are sorted into – some of them automatically created by Facebook, some possibly created by the user themselves. Those lists can have different types: close_friends, acquaintances, restricted,user_created, education, work, current_city or family.

And to read those friendlists, you need read_friendlists permission (the clue’s already in the name here).

Should all be quite obvious, if one takes a minute of time to look up the description of these user connections in the docs:

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I believe this is now outdated, and that you may not look at the User's Friend List. This is unfortunate as I have been working on a project that was based off that idea.

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