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i am facing difficulty when trying to run my tests. Here is what i did :

  1. Create a java project with one class which has one method called hello(String name)
  2. Exported this as a jar and kept it in the same directory where i keep my test case file.
  3. my Test case looks like this.

    • Setting * * Value * * Value * * Value * * Value * * Value *

      Library MyLibrary

    • Variable * * Value * * Value * * Value * * Value * * Value *

      • Test Case * * Action * * Argument * * Argument * * Argument * * Argument * MyTest
        hello World

      • Keyword * * Action * * Argument * * Argument * * Argument * * Argument *

I always get the following error :

Error in file 'C:\Users\yahiya\Desktop\robot-practice\testcase_template.tsv' in table 'Setting': Importing test library 'MyLibrary' failed: ImportError: No module named MyLibrary

I have configured Pythopath in the system variables in my windows machine.

Please let me know what am i doing wrong here.


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anyone to help here ? – Yahiya Nov 13 '12 at 15:50

Try to put your Library into this folder:


or, if this doesn't work, make in the folder "site-packages" folder with the name "MyLibrary" and put your library there.

This should work.

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There might a problem with how you import your library. I don't have much experience with Java libraries but you need to provide the whole name, including the package name, when importing a library.

Read more in the guide.

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