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I am a beginner and have been playing around with C#. I have recently written the code for the very popular 'Cows and Bulls' word game. Its working for 2 players i.e; One player thinks of a word and the other person has to guess it. I am giving only 10 chances for guessing.

I now want to make the game for a single player(Computer v Human). I was wondering if there was anyway of getting all the 4 letter words in the English Language without Letter repetition(I have limited the game to 4 Letter words only). I know I can use an Enumeration and write down all the 4 letter words. But that's Hard Coding the Words. That would be my last option.I could type all the words in,but I would then have some idea of the word if I play the game.

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As a first step: If I where you I would look for a downloadable dictionary to provide the database for English words. Then parse through that to extract words by your criteria. I wouldn't use a enum for this, but rather an array or list. – K3N Nov 13 '12 at 8:03
Get something like the Moby word list and grab the ones with 4 unique letters. Put them in a file, and read it when needed. – Jerry Coffin Nov 13 '12 at 8:03
May be saving the words into a database/or external file to read into your code logic. Here is a reference to get 4 letter English words – bonCodigo Nov 13 '12 at 8:05

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Assuming you have a list of words called words list

You can use regex to select 4 letter unique words

 List<string> 4letterUniqueWords=words

  ---------------  ------------------ ---
        |                  |           |->matches if both the lookaheads are true
        |                  |->checks if there are any repeating words
        |->checks if the words contains 4 letter alphabetic words
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