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I have the following validation:

 phone1: {
      required: {
	   depends: "#pri_noPhone:not(:checked)"
   	   number: true,

If a checkbox is checked (yes, contact me via phone) then go validate the phone1, phone2 and phone3.

In FF and Firebug, there are no errors. However, IE7 throws an error saying:

a runtime error has occurred. error: expected identifier, string or number

and it points to the rules at phone1. Not sure why?

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i had to remove the comma after : minlength:3,

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I encountered the same problem in ie6. After removing the comma, everything works right now. For the detailed info, stackoverflow.com/questions/7246618/… maybe helpful. –  Wan Liqun Nov 6 '13 at 21:53

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