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I am beginner on node.js. Actually my intention are setup portable environment for development node.js on windows. Wingnix are good candidates since it include nginx, mysql, and php.

I install the npm package via -g (global flag), however, it stored in my ${APPDATA}\npm due to the npmrc file on C:\Winginx\nodejs\node_modules\npm

However, as in the documentation of Winginx for node.js section

As you know, Node.js supports packages (modules). Global packages folder is \winginx\nodejs\node_modules.

Node.js Package Manager NPM, popular Node.js web framework Express.js and template engine Jade are included.

That make me confuse, how i install additional global package and manage them? do Winginx provide command shell to manage? Because i set the \winginx\nodejs as Path in environment variables for access through Bash/CMD in windows.

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Use this bat file: X:\winginx\nodejs\npm.cmd

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