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Any info about roadmap ? I know it's not the best location to ask ... But I think that some people are wondering the same question !

I just can't wait to play with ruby & gwan :)

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Ogla is right.

There's no fixed date for the reason that people come and ask new things that look rather important. Since that's not only compatibility issues or bug fixes, I will give a few examples of what has been done recently:

  • fixed broken HTML minifying for embedded Javascript comments
  • added the return 0; feature to let servlets close a connection without sending a reply
  • fixed an incompatibility with the XFS file system (it does not return all libc flags)
  • fixed a NUMA affinity issue specific to some systems hosting several multicore CPUs
  • rewriting asynchronous calls to make them work with PHP, Perl, Python, Lua, etc.
  • rewriting timeouts logic for those scripts that can take several seconds to execute
  • must finalize and test all new features, write documentation and examples, etc.

The goal is to save time because resolving issues now will make it easier later.

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I'm guessing that it should be out some time this month.

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