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This question has two parts:

  1. I installed JRuby using rvm today, install went fine. I also have Ruby 1.9.3 installed on my system. Is there an easy way to re-install the same gems I have in 1.9.3 into JRuby?
  2. I attempted to install the json gem in JRuby. First I switched from my default Ruby to JRuby by doing: rvm jruby (and checked to make sure I was using jruby by doing rvm current). Then I did jruby -S gem install json. It sucessfully installed:

    Successfully installed json-1.7.5-java

    But when I do gem list (or jruby -S gem list), I just get the gems that were installed when JRuby was installed. I tried exiting the terminal, and doing gem list again, but it still does not show.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks


I found that the gempath in gem env is not the same as where the gems are being installed. How do I add another new gempath to this list (in bash)? or preferably how do I ensure the gems are being installed in the correct GEM PATH?

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Since I used rvm to install jruby, I used this to install the gem in the correct location:

sudo rvm jruby do gem install json
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