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I have a string like that :

<input type="hidden" value="formulaire_test/poll1352736068616/testencode" name="pollpost">
<p class="question">Q1</p>
<p class="response">
<input id="R010101" type="radio" value="A" name="R0101">
<label for="R010101">R11</label>
<p class="response">
<input id="R010102" type="radio" value="B" name="R0101">
<label for="R010102">r12</label>
<p class="question">Q2</p>
<p class="response">
<input id="R010201" type="radio" value="A" name="R0102">
<label for="R010201">r2</label>
<p class="response">
<input id="R010202" type="radio" value="B" name="R0102">
<label for="R010202">r22</label>
<p class="submit">
<input type="submit" value="Votez">

I want with jQuery retrieve for example value of <legend>, values of <p class=question> or all inputs values..

Do you have any idea ?

I can put this string into a jQuery object $(mystring) and after ?

Thanks !

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You can use



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Yes, and if i want retrieve "Q1" in "<p class="question">Q1</p>" ? –  Clément Andraud Nov 13 '12 at 8:52
then you can get it this way: $(mystring).find('p.question').text(); –  Nix R. Eyes Nov 13 '12 at 8:54
Thanks, it's ok ! –  Clément Andraud Nov 13 '12 at 8:54
but you have more than 1 p with question class in your string, so you may try to add .eq(0) to get the specific <p>. –  Nix R. Eyes Nov 13 '12 at 8:58

You can use following code to push input values into an array:

var arr = new Array();
$(mystring).find('input').each(function() {
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just do

$('legend').html(); // Text inside Legend

var questions = new Array();
     questions.push( $(this).html() ) ; // Questions class text into array

var inputs = new Array();
     inputs.push(this.value) ; // Input values into array

If you want to find these inside $(mystring) just prepend the selector with

$('mystring').find( selector )
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