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I've got a question about installers.

At my workplace we have a development environment which envelops quite a lot of IDE's and plugins for those IDE's.

I've just started working there and I have yet to set up my development environment. However keeping in mind that they will hire new Juniors within the next couple of months I thought it might be a good idea to create an installer that calls all other installers, essentially making an installation bundle of IDE's.

Now here's the catch. I know it should be possible with visual studio but I can only get my hands on the Express edition, and I doubt they will get a professional edition just for me.

So my question is, how do I create such a bundle installation? I can work in virtually any environment but at work we have Eclipse and at home I've got VS Professional (but no access to the files I need).

Any help is welcome, Rope.

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Since you are interest in a free powerful tool the only one I can recommend is Wix, and its new feature called Burn, used to handled installation package bundles. There are payed tools that can help you get this done much faster, but you'll need a little budget for that.

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