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I try to create a matlab file that can run a simulink model. But has problem with send data from MATLAB into the simulink model. In the model I has Import Block that I want send my in stream of data from matlab.

My Current code of matlab is.

function result = CallSimulinkModel(modelName, timeStep, inputMatix, key)
        error('MATLAB:CallSimulinkModel','Timestep is lower or equal with 0');
    endTime = max(size(inputMatix))*timeStep;
    result = SubCallSimulinkModel(modelName, 0:timeStep:endTime, inputMatix, key);
    %OutVector.const = inConst;

function [result,constants] = SubCallSimulinkModel(var_model,time_var,inputMatix, K)
    var_setting = simset(...
    % How to feed the sim model with the data from input matrix as Inport
    % 1, Inport 2, ...?
    [~,~,result] = sim(var_model, time_var, var_setting);
    constants = K;

And the model is Simulink Model

I has no problem with get the result from the simulink or set the constants K.in1

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Found a working solution.

% For MATLAB R2012a
function [result,time] = RunSimulinkModel(modelName, timeStep, inputMatix, key)
        error('MATLAB:RunSimulinkModel','Timestep is lower or equal with 0');
    endTime = max(size(inputMatix))*timeStep-timeStep;

    %CCC = [time_var;D]'
    % Is a 2 or more column that the first column is a time vector that
    % hold all time and the other columns hold the data.
    dataMatrix = [0:timeStep:endTime;inputMatix]';

    [result,time] = RunSimulinkModelSub(modelName, timeStep,dataMatrix,key);


function [result,time] = RunSimulinkModelSub(var_model,var_steptime, D,K)  %#ok<INUSD>
    var_setting = struct(...
        'SaveTime','on','TimeSaveName','tout', ...
        'SaveOutput','on','OutputSaveName','yout', ...
        'LoadExternalInput', 'on', 'ExternalInput', 'D',...
        'FixedStep', 'var_steptime' ...
    var_row_result = sim(var_model, var_setting);
    result = var_row_result.get('yout');
    time = var_row_result.get('tout');

The 'LoadExternalInput', 'on', 'ExternalInput', 'D',... will tell the model to use data from D as time-vector and data-vector.

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