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I am new with angularjs and I am trying to add some dynamic content to the DOM. What I want to do is a little bit like twitter for example. I have a table with different rows and if the user click on a row, there is some details ajax loaded just ender the row. I have a template for the row details (which I want to display (and compile) just ender the clicked row. As I don't realy understand how to trigger a directive with click, I have tried to do it from a controller function (with ng-click on the row) but I can't compile (I only have the template displaying).

If anyone has an idea how to do it (and best, a way to do it with directive as it seems to be the right way to do it).


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Try to create a plunker plnkr.co. – maxisam Nov 13 '12 at 15:11

Since it is not clear how complicated your template is that you want to add, you may not need a directive — ng-repeat on the <tr> element may be enough. On the AngularJS home page, the "Wire up a Backend" demo, tab list.html shows how to dynamically add rows to a table using ng-repeat, with data that was retrieved via the query() method. Is this sufficient for your needs?

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Well, the template I want to add is not that compilcated but it has a list, some details about the messages and items of the list and a form to add new comments. Here is how I would like it to work jsfiddle.net/tagazok/gHvJr/2 (I haven't put the template but the idea is to load the template dynamicaly ender the clicked row. – Tagazok Nov 13 '12 at 16:52
I think you should use nested div's instead of tr's, that way you could have nested ng-repeats. The outter ng-repeat would be for the messages, and the inner ng-repeat would be for the comments associated with a message. Put all the data into the same $scope object. E.g., $scope.messages = [ { id: '1', text:'t1', date:'...', comments: [] }, {...}, ...]. Have your ng-click handler add the comments to the appropriate entry in array $scope.messages and Angular should automatically update the view for you. – Mark Rajcok Nov 15 '12 at 22:49

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