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Sorry if this has been asked somewhere else, but I have looked all around, found some answers, but not a complete example and I am still in doubts on this one.

So, I am adding an Autopopulating list from my Spring controller to my jsp and I would like to add items on the list inside my javascript/jquery function. Is it possible?

I tried the code below to test the functionality but it did not work (the list elements did not show up at all at the generated html). So Im unsure if Im messing up with the javascrit/spring/jsp syntax or if it is just not possible.

Here is the code:

Controller code:

@RequestMapping(value="/create_custobject.html",method = RequestMethod.GET)
public ModelAndView showCreateCustObjectPage() {
    Map<String, Object> model = new HashMap<String, Object>();

    CreateObjectForm form = new CreateObjectForm();
    model.put("createObjectform", form);

    return new ModelAndView("create_custobject", model) ;


Form code:

public class CreateObjectForm {

      private AutoPopulatingList<Criteria> ruleArray = new AutoPopulatingList<Criteria>(Criteria.class);

     public AutoPopulatingList<Criteria> getRuleArray() {
    return ruleArray;

         public void setRuleArray(AutoPopulatingList<Criteria> ruleArray) {
    this.ruleArray = ruleArray;

         public CreateObjectForm() {}

Criteria code:

public class Criteria{

   String attribute;

    String operator;
       //... constructor + getters and setters

javascript/jquery code (on the same page as the jsp one):

<script type="text/javascript">
    //startup functionality

 var i = 0;
 document.getElementById("addCriteria").onclick = function() {


        ${ruleArray[i].attribute} = $('#attributeValue').val();             
        ${ruleArray[i].operator} = $('#operatorValue').val(); 


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incrementing i inside your onclick function does not make any sence. what is your intention? –  Yevgeniy Nov 13 '12 at 10:55
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for existing items in your form use jstl as

<c:forEach items="${form.items}" var="item" varStatus="status" >
<span class="count" > 
<form:input   path="items[${status.index}].field" />

this will render form like this

<form id = "idform" >
<span class="count" > 
    <input   name="items[0].field"  id="items0.field" />

then you simply add with javascript new form "lines" with coresponding indexes

for example

 var is = $('.count').size()
 $('#idform span:last').after('<span class="count" ><input name="items[' + is + '].field"' + is + '.field" /></span>')

I think that if you are using spring 3 + you don't need to use AutopopulatingList , Any collection should be enough.

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Your mixing JSP EL and Javascript improperly. You cannot use the var i within a JSP expresssion, ie. ${ruleArray[i].operator}. I would recommend using JSTL to iterate through the list and create your attributes within the script.

At this point your script could be setup to just use a string literal 0 within the expression. I am assuming you need more robust functionality than this, can you describe it better.

     document.getElementById("addCriteria").onclick = function() {


     //I assume you wanted to set the element to the value pulled from JSP EL


Using JSTL a solution would look something like:

 var criteria = [];
 <c:forEach var="criteria" items=${ruleArray}>
    criteria.push({attr:${criteria.attribute}, oper: ${criteria.operator});

 for(var i = 0; i < criteria.length; i++){

This solution basically uses JSTL to write Javascript. It may be a better solution to modify your controller to return JSON and just make an Ajax call on page load.

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I cleaned up the code a bit (add an "i" iteration), but well basically I would like to add new items in the autopopulating list in the javascript code and get the list back when the post is done. I cant use jstl inside the javascript right? –  Thomas Nov 13 '12 at 10:43
@Thomas: no you can't if you expect your code to be executed on the client side. –  Yevgeniy Nov 13 '12 at 10:53
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in the following line you are referencing i in your jsp-code, but i is not defined:


the javascript code which defines i is executed on the client (i.e. browser). The jsp-code is executed on the server, before the rendered html is sent to the client.

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