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I am using the great NewtonSoft.Json library on Windows Phone 7.1 (mango).

I would like to access a deep property (red arrow) on a Bing json answer:

Bing json answer

I have assigned the answered string on resultado variable and I have tried to do on this way:

JObject o = JObject.Parse(resultado);
JsonAddress unaAddress = 
MessageBox.Show(unaAddress.Coordinates.X);  // iexample..

But I don't know how to define the class JsonAddress to get the info I need.

public class JsonAddress
    // public xxxx Coordinates { get; set; }

Any help ?


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I have found it:

Defining the class (and a child class) in this way:

public class JsonAddress
    public string Name { get; set; }
    public JsonPoint Point { get; set; }

public class JsonPoint
    public double[] Coordinates { get; set; }

And accesing it in this way:

MessageBox.Show(unaAddress.Point.Coordinates[0] + ", " +

Thanks and sorry by your wasted time... :-\

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