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I've built a website using Wordpress and have used the Cufon plugin to render header and some menu text.

Since making some (relatively minor) changes I've noticed that the Cufon plugin only loads when I'm logged into the website. I've verified this using different computers and browsers. Strangely, I've found that the localhost version of the website I'm using doesn't have the same problem - Cufon displays whether logged in or out.

What could be causing this? In case any of the changes I've made recently have an impact:

  • I've added dropdown menu php that calls the last 5 blogposts and puts them in a dropdown menu. The previous menu was purely html - I doubt this change is to blame.
  • I've installed WP-members, a user management plugin (I thought that this might be interfering with the Cufon plugin somehow, but the localhost version - which also has this plugin installed - doesn't show the same behaviour).
  • made some changes to the CSS - mainly text styles - of the site. I mention this for the sake of completeness, but is it possible that the Cufon plugin reacts badly to CSS styling of the text, rather than directly through the plugin itself? (Again, the localhost doesn't seem to have this problem.)

Any help/guidance appreciated.

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When you're not logged in and you view the source of the page are the Cufon files being referenced in the HEAD of your document? – Billy Moat Nov 13 '12 at 10:27
@BillyMoat - yep, it appears to be. However, I notice a difference between the localhost reference and the live one (both logged out) - the latter has added "var src="[site location]/admin-ajax.php?action=wordfence_logHuman& hid=7BD0D702FA8E1BA7475A0B05CEB4B0FF"; if(window.location.protocol == "https:"){ src = src.replace("http:", "https:"); } var wfHTImg = new Image(); wfHTImg.src=src; " I'm guessing Wordfence is interfering somehow. I'm off to check. – shngrdnr Nov 13 '12 at 10:42
Yep, it's interference from Wordfence that's the issue. I'm not sure exactly why, or if I can alter a setting in the plugin that'll fix this - any suggestions from anyone? – shngrdnr Nov 13 '12 at 10:45

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