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I have these queries:

FROM dbo.GRAUD_ProjectsByCostCategory

select right(CostCategoryId,14) as CostBreak 
from dbo.GRAUD_ProjectsByCostCategory

They work well in that they give me the correct data, but I would like to know how to combine the new column CostBreak into the table of results rather than as a separate query result.

An example of the results I get are as below:

enter image description here

Where I want them in the same table

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The data is coming from the same table so you should be able to just add that value to your initial query. You do not even have to perform a join to get it:

SELECT name, 
  right(CostCategoryId,14) as CostBreak 
FROM dbo.GRAUD_ProjectsByCostCategory 
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Brilliant. Thanks for that! –  user1086159 Nov 13 '12 at 10:38

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