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I am an ASP.NET developer and I really dont do such of database stuff. But for my open source project on Codeplex I am required to setup a database schema for the project.

So reading from here and there I have managed to do the following.

enter image description here

As being new to database schema designing, I wanted some one else who has a better idea on this topic to help me identify any issues with this design.

Most of the relationships are self explanatory I think, but still I will jot each one down.

The two keys between UserProfile and Issues are for relationships between UserId and IssueCreatedBy and IssueClosedBy


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Do you have a specific question? –  Neville K Nov 13 '12 at 11:00

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This looks quite good, IMO your main issue is on naming consistency / too complex names.

  • If each table identifier is Id, you should use it for all tables.
  • Stay consistent with singular / plural in table names. I tend to prefer singular.

You can simplify a table name :

  • UserProfile => User

As well as field names :

  • Issue_Title => Title
  • Issue_Description => Description
  • Issue_Priority_Type => Type (or even less confusing: Name)


However I would use a more precise naming for foreign keys

  • CreatedBy => CreatedByUserId
  • ClosedBy => ClosedByUserId


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thanks for your answer, I will make all changes as you have said. I will wait for some more time to see if some body else has a better answer. Thanks –  Yasser Nov 13 '12 at 13:54

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